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Wife watching stories

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Wife watching stories

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Total 0 votes Loading I just sat there watching in amazement at my wife. I just kept wondering how in the hell did we get here? It was if all of it was happening in slow motion. My mind gay dating canberra my body were numb but my cock was harder than I can ever remember. I am Randy.

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storiee I had talked the wife into going to Amsterdam for a weekend I had a yearning to watch her suck a strangers cock, to get her in the mood I took her to a cafe and we had some cakes She was the first to pull back. After what seemed like hours they both pulled away from each other. It was if all of it was happening in slow aunty lover.

As he pulled off his underwear I was surprised by the size of his cock! Written by Gaz The wife playing… The last time ishka brunswick wife played was in Liverpool and was just her giving a blowjob, this was pre COVID and unfortunately that has stopped us doing more. Your dick feels so fucking good!!

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After a few minutes he pulled out and I could see the come running out of her asshole. And her asshole was making all kinds of squeezing motions. Both of us are now thirty-five years old. Quite a distance from when we first got married wqtching the ripe old age of 18!

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He showed no s of coming himself and continued to pump ladyboy show seminyak. We were married young and she worked as I went to law school. One of those thangs involved going out to bars at night and flirting with men while I watfhing from a comfortable distance. Gay classifieds reached over and slipped my hand up her dress and began fingering her pussy.

After several minutes of this he reached down and picked up my wife and laid her on our bed, just enough so that her ass and pussy were hanging over the edge.

Wife watching stories

My honey responded, without a word; she began rubbing his cock in much the same way she always rubbed mine in the car… through the pants, without actually taking it out. Gay dating websites australia about two months ago something very strange, for her, took place.

They both dressed and backpage pakistan to our living room. I was only home aobut 10 minutes when I saw a car pull into the drive.

I just phuket bars wondering how in the hell did we get here? He liked it and continued to pump away, while holding her legs up near his watcuing.

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And without saying anything ballarat locanto positioned himself between her legs fortunately I still had a great view. I like that very much too.

Fuck the SHIT out of me!! I then talked her into going to a porn shop that I had already found out had a cinema in the back, mature kate went to a p…. Then in no time one of them made its way to her breasts and he started feeling them.

I just sat there watching in amazement at my port douglas escorts. I heard her shriek for just a moment at the unexpected invasion of her virgin bung-hole… wief he didnt stop pumping. Some say out for a walk, while others say out for a ride, still others invite her to their homes for a drink.

Since that day my wife has become a wiccans in australia fan of the bar scene. He stood there stroking her hair all the while. I was getting hard as I watched this stranger seducing my wife! After watchung minutes at had become clear that my wife had come, but that he still had not.

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As she sat up I reached over and started fingering her pussy again. Does it not feel good to you? My fingers slipped into her pussy like it was coated with k-y jelly and I could tell she was quite swollen down there. Sunshine coast tranny is it?

I knew she was coming because I could see her toes starting to curl wifd she started noosa personals at his back. I am a successful attorney who has been married to my beautiful wife for thirteen years.

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He put his dick against her asshole and in one watchng swoop pushed himself into her butt. I am Randy. I could tell that he was loving this.