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Business Student Tips 7 Steps to Success

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1. General Guidelines for Achieving

  • Carefully explained all orientation materials
  • Set goals/priorities; be ready; meet all deadlines
  • Ask questions if unsure; take notes
  • Observe or inquire about the formality of names and names
  • Prepare appropriately
  • Always be careful and diplomatic with everyone in the company

2. Make a “Team Player”

  • Do not struggle with co-workers
  • Do everyday jobs without complaining
  • Show initiative
  • Develop work relations slowly after you understand the company history
  • Always inform your director of your whereabouts

3. Beware of Common Irresponsibility and/or Youth Pitfalls

  • Personal phone signals
  • Sloppy table and workspace
  • Talking about non-business topics
  • Sitting down at your desk
  • Surfing the net, Facebook, telling personal emails, etc.
  • Asking for time off; get co-op is a “no-cut” class

4. Observe the Supervisor’s Preferences

  • The neatness of the work area
  • Confidentiality of stuff
  • Coming fresh or staying late
  • Lunch hour round
  • Telephone protocol
  • General office behavior

5. Watch Supervisor’s Management Style

  • Make they favor written or oral reports?
  • Do they supervise jointly or from afar?
  • Do they give immediate responses to questions and queries or do they prefer to think about them?

6. With Respect to Feedback and Reports

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  • If you do not accept any feedback after the first month, ask your executive
  • Accept criticism out being unfriendly
  • Do not interpret special reviews as personal criticism
  • Remember that people need you to succeed

7. Take Every Advantage to Get

  • If you have time, see available materials
  • Ask questions; recognize people’s behavior; frequent social functions
  • Network whenever feasible; collect business cards
  • Identify career paths and their prerequisites
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation at the end of your homework

Little businesses you can launch for free,

1. Pet sitting

Not everybody travels with their pets, and if they hit the road, they need someone to take charge of them. While it can be somewhat irregular, pet sitting is a viable business that enables you to serve others and fulfill your love for pets.

2. Dog walking

Similarly, a dog walking business takes you outdoors while bonding with some lovable four-legged friends. Yet professional invoicing to serve customers spread the news for you.

3. Product tester

Do you love testing out the latest and highest products on the market and giving a thorough review? You can work with businesses to work out their latest products and provide feedback, or even get your own site up and going where you offer insights within whether or not certain products are deserving of the price tag.

4. Personal shopper

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Errands take a quantity of time, and personal shoppers support to ease the burden by covering those tasks for other people—for a fee, of course. While it’s not the usual traditional business plan, word-of-mouth marketing should help you establish a customer base.

5. Travel director

Are you a master at organizing itineraries or finding those hidden gems that aren’t dragging with tourists? Put your skills to practice (and fuel your wanderlust!) by supporting other people to plan their own leaves.

6. Tailoring and clothing patches

Are you skillful with a needle and string? Tailoring is frequently cited as a failing art. So, if you’re someone who can hem pants or spot holes in clothing, you’ll likely be ready to find plenty of eager customers who are ready and willing to assist your tailoring business.

Attach PATCHES on clothes

There are several reasons why you might want to sew patches on your clothes. The primary purpose why many youngsters think sewing patches on their clothes is – it is ultra-cool. At times you have to – there is a hole in your clothes which is un-repairable – this patch is now your savior. Put it on top, and the hole as good as leaves.

If the garment is made of fabric, space is an inevitability, especially if you have children at house or you are a gardener/tinker or you made an overzealous laundry and scrubbing.

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